008 - Hannah Berry

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Hannah is a Graphic Novelist and illustrator. She has also worked as a Tutor for the Arvon Foundation and was the Online Writer in Residence for Booktrust.

Hannah's Book Choices:

  1. Cruddy - Lynda Barry (Simon & Schuster)

  2. Weapons of Mass Diplomacy - Lanzac & Blain (Self Made Hero)

  3. Through The Woods - Emily Carroll (Faber & Faber)

She tweets at @streakofpith and you can find out more about her/her books on her website.

Show Notes:

Other books mentioned:

  • Emily Carroll co-created a game called 'THE YAWHG' (Hannah apologises for mauling the spelling in the original recording)
  • Becoming Unbecoming, by Una. About Peter Sutcliffe, The Yorkshire Ripper. 

Publishers mentioned:

Hannah recommends the following comic shops:

"both of these shops are light and airy and welcoming. Anyone concerned about walking into a sweaty comics dungeon needn't worry."

  1. Gosh Comics, London
  2. Page 45, Nottingham

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