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The WoMentoring Project came about via a conversation on Twitter. The founders asked their followers – largely writers, editors and agents – who would be willing to donate a few hours of their time to another woman just starting out. The response was overwhelming.

All of WoMentoring's mentors are professional writers, editors or literary agents. Many of them have received unofficial or official mentoring themselves and the emphasis is on ‘paying forward’ some of the support they've been given. The project has no budget or paid staff – it is run on goodwill, collaboration and people generously offering their skills for free.

Elsewhere is an English-language print journal dedicated to involved and intelligent writing about place, whether from travel writers or local ramblers, deep topographers or psychogeographers, overland wanderers or edgeland explorers. 

They publish drifting excursions through city suburbs and journeys on foot along the ancient old ways; written sketches of airports and market squares, forests and riverbanks; the legends that linger on mountainsides and the folklore of the flatlands; the everyday realities of island communities and the streetlife of city neighbourhoods.

The journal also features interviews with those for whom place is central to their work, whether photographers, artists or filmmakers, craftspeople, historians or musicians. And there is also space for those places that exist only in our heads – whether lost but remembered, or imagined and invented. 

Nothing In The Rulebook is a creative community focused on finding new ways of looking at the world through stories.

"Stories can take you to the edge of the world, to the edge of reality and break down walls. You just have to find these stories. We’re simply trying to illuminate the path ahead."